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Meet: The Paper People

Our sales staff at Price Paper & Twine plays an integral role in the success of our business. Here's a chance to meet some of our Paper People, who make sure you get everything you need, when you need it.


"Big, Bald, and Beautiful"

With over 20 years of Sales experience, and a bachelors degree in both marketing and management, I was chosen to lead the sales-force at Price Paper. I'm a Centereach resident, but that doesn't keep me from being involved with businesses from all over Long Island. I love my beautiful wife and football, have a thing for exotic cars, and enjoy multi-player online games. I dedicate myself to providing the best for my customers, and they always have the peace of mind that things are going to go right.

My Motto: "Treat your customers like you wish to be treated."



"The Whirlwind"


"Major Pain"

I have been in the paper goods business for over thirty years. My father was in catering, so I grew up helping people feed people - It's in my blood. I live in Long Beach, a beautiful community, where I serve most of my customers. I am the mother of three fantastic sons, and two beautiful grandchildren. My hobbies are cooking, reading, crosswords and computer games.
My two pets, a 30 year old turtle and an 85 year old (much older) crazy sister keep me busy.
I have always liked to help people achieve their goals and needs, and I go out of my way for my friends, family, and customers.

My Motto: "I'll be there for you."



Shortly after graduating from college during the winter of 2011, I was warmly welcomed into the doors of Price Paper & Twine. As a former intern of the company, I was given a first-hand glance into a work environment where my study of Professional Communications could be generously applied: The field of sales. As the newest member of the sales-force, I'm looking forward to making new relationships and strides in the field, while offering unparalleled support and service to my customers.

My Motto: "There's only one way to do things: The right way."


"The Italian Stallion"

After being self-employed for two decades, I joined the Price Paper family and have been a part of it for over 23 years. Being a former resident of Port Washington, I moved to Eastern Suffolk in 1982, and was introduced to the paper-goods field by Jack Price.
At the time, the industry was undergoing many changes.The challenges were many, but very rewarding, and still are to this day. I am a very proud
veteran of the Vietnam era. I have traveled all across the U.S.. I have two great sons, and a beautiful
grandson. My wife and I enjoy fresh water fishing and kayaking the Peconic and other rivers and lakes. I enjoy my work and look forward to seeing and servicing my customers every week.

My Motto: "You call, I haul. That's all."


"The Sac"

Although this is my first year at Price Paper, I bring over ten years of sales experience to the table. My enthusiasm and persistence is an asset to servicing my customers. I'm a native Long Islander, and live in Bay Shore with my wife and two children. As a former stand-up comedian and radio
personality, I'm definitely 15% funnier than the competition. I really enjoy Texas Hold 'Em, and play baseball in a men's 25-and-over wooden bat league.

My Motto: "I'm all in."


"The Workaholic"

Price Paper is a company with longevity, and I have experienced it all first hand. I have been with Price Paper since 1979, after my father, a 40 year veteran of Price, had introduced me to the industry. I've lived on Long Island my entire life, and I have a firm grasp of the seasonality of the paper-goods service field. Over the years, I've learned to show my customers new and better ways to improve both their business, and their profit margins.

My Motto: "Let me show you what's new in the market place."

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