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Buying local has more benefits than you might expect

When gratification is two clicks away and FaceTime has replaced face-to-face time, it has become increasingly more convenient to tap a screen or click a mouse than have a conversation (no, AI doesn't count, silly). As a Long Island-based company with a seventy-five-plus year tenure, we have navigated and redefined convenience to keep up with modern needs while keeping  the "person" in personal.

Executive Summary :

Choosing to partner with a local supplier like Price Paper has a host of emotional, logistical, and financial benefits that will improve your daily operations.

Convenient Communications 

  • Your "Paper Person" is only a call, text, or e-mail away
  • It is our pleasure to communicate however and whenever it is most convenient for you
  • We continue to build life-long relationships that have eclipsed both generations of our team members and business owners
  •  Members of our sales, office, and warehouse team are fluent in both English and Spanish 

The Perfect Package

  • We know packaging like you know your business - inside and out (of the container, of course)
  • Our reps will create an order guide for you by category or one that mimics your store room(s)
  • Send us your menu and we will supply samples that will work for each and every culinary creation
  • Did you forget? No sweat! If you need something between orders, we will personally get it to you the same or next day
  • Our team shares a wealth of experience to help you make the best product choices to help you save money, portion perfectly, and maximize your profits

The Human Condition

It's no coincidence that New Yorkers are known for their fast-paced lifestyles. At Price Paper, we know that the workday is sometimes over in the blink of an eye, so we make all of our interactions count. We strive for excellence every step along the way from the moment your "Paper Person" is called to action until your products are precisely picked and carefully carried by our delivery specialists to your place of business. 
Science suggests great interactions and laughter are essential ingredients in a recipe for both physical and emotional health. Stress reduction, improved immunity, and increased quality of life are just a few of the great results of dealing locally. We look forward to serving you and supporting your business with personal patronage and referrals to our family and friends.

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