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The biggest challenge in the world of takeout isn’t the awesome food you’ve dreamt up to prepare and serve to the world – it’s ensuring that culinary creation arrives at its final destination looking, smelling, and tasting as good as it did when it left your kitchen. Enter: Anchor Crisp Food Technologies containers.

Anchor Packaging consulted scientists to create containers that transcend the mundane packaging of yesteryear.

 Now Available!

“The unique, patented, convection cross-flow design relieves moisture and condensation while maintaining food temperature. Through-the-closure ventilation and raised airflow channels at the bottom of the container are combined with venting in the anti-fog lid to ensure fried foods remain crisp. Even after three hours in heating units and 30 minutes in transit, food looks and tastes freshly made” (Anchor Packaging, 2020). 

Price Paper currently stocks the 33 oz 8” Square Combo, the 24 oz rectangle base, and the 24 oz rectangle lid

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