World Centric: Supporting Sustainability and Non-Profits

Choosing World Centric products for your food packaging needs will make a lasting impact.

World Centric takes corporate social responsibility to the next level. With 25% of their profits going back to non-profit environmental and social organizations, they are committed to making a positive impact. The products we offer you from the World Centric line are 100% commercially compostable and free from PFAS. The No Tree line "made from bamboo fibers helps protect our fast-dwindling forests and supports wildlife and Indigenous communities whose lives are dependent on forests" (World Centric, 2023). They hold the highest level of certification from BPI, ensuring that their products decompose in a sustainable manner, leaving no lasting trace on the planet. 

Executive Summary :

World Centric continues to impact the food and beverage packaging industry with its dedication to high-quality, sustainable, compostable, and PFAS-free offerings. Price Paper is thrilled to partner with World Centric to supply our community with products to protect and prolong Long Island.